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III.1 Description of the Session menu

1) New : To create  a new session.

This is the first step in a KiSThelP calculation. A session can be saved and then restored (keeping in memory all the selected parameters of the run). Only one session can be open in the current version. But, one of the perspectives is to enable running several parallel sessions. Also, this session mechanism will allow later for the user actions to be reverse by using an action history list (undo possibilities).

2) Open : To open a session previously saved.

3) Save : To save the current KiSThelP's user session.

An ASCii file with .kstp extension is generated, containing all the data and object structures. It enable restoring the session

4) Save As : To save the current KiSThelP's user  session with another file name

5) Close : To close the current KiSThelP's user  session.

7) Exit : To exit the KiSThelP application.

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